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City of Emmonak

City of Emmonak Administration
The City manager, city clerk, attorney, and treasurer are appointed by the council.  
City Manager - Martin B. Moore Sr.
The city manager is the chief administrative officer of the city council.  He may hire necessary administrative assistants and suspend or remove subordinates in his/her department.  For more details see chapter 2.20
City Treasurer - Cheryl Andrews
Custodian of all city funds.  Responsible for all matters pertaining to the maintenance of all accounts of the city, and the maintenance and care of all property used by the city.  For more details of duties and responsibilities see chapter 2.28.
Attorney - Landye, Bennet, Blumstein LLP
Charged with the performance of all legal services for the city, including that of legal advisor to the council, the mayor and to all departments and offices of the city.  For more details  see chapter 2.32.
City of Emmonak Departments
*Gaming Department
*Public Works
*Port and Land Planning
*Police Department
City Clerk - Monalisa Andrews
The clerk shall be appointed by the  council.  He shall hold office at the pleasure of the council.  For more details see chapter 2.24.
Departments are overseen by the city manager.