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City of Emmonak

City Council Members
The council shall consist of seven members elected by the voters at large.  
Seat A
Franklin Murphy- Vice Mayor
​Term 2015-2018
Seat D
Raymond Waska Sr.
Term 2017-2020
Seat B
Herman B Hootch- Mayor
Term 2017-2018
Seat E
Jacob A Johnson Sr.
Term 2017-2020
Seat C
Malora Hunt
Term 2017-2020
Seat F
Angela Kamkoff
Term 2016-2019
Seat G
Wilbur R Hootch
Term 2016-2019   
City Codes
Public Ordinances of Interest
Regular city council meets every second Tuesday of the month.  Please call the city clerk to be on People to be heard or for more general information.
Please call city clerk for more information on ordinances if you do not see a particular item.